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Jump Jam's number one priority is for all our guests to have fun in a safe environment.


Jump Jam employs the latest technology and safety engineering in an effort to make your jumping experience as safe as possible. Like any extreme sporting activity, injuries can, and do, occur.


However, injuries are rare and usually quite minor. A recent study of trampoline parks across the US found an injury incident rate of 0.02%, with the most common injuries being trampoline burns and bruises. Trampoline parks have a better safety rate than any competitive sport. In fact figures show that incident rates in trampolining are typically 2 in 1000, compared to 21 in 1000 when playing football!


Follow our safety rules and the chances of injury are even less.


Jump Jam are Industry leaders in safety


Prior to even taking their shoes off, all jumpers must watch the Jump Jam safety video which explains how to jump safely – plus our highly trained staff are always on patrol make sure everyone is observing the park rules at all times.


We also already comply and surpass with the very latest 2016 world recognised ASTM international standards ASTM – Designation: F2970 – 15  (Most other parks DO NOT).


See - This covers the testing and operation of trampoline parks and equipment.


We also follow and comply with all aspects the new British Standard PAS 5000:2017 on the specification for the construction and operation of a fixed indoor trampoline park and of the code of practice of the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP).



We are also actively involved in the Industry and the development of national safety policies and utilising the best practice of equipment and safety codes of practice.

PLEASE NOTE : A 1-metre height restriction exist on certain activities - Rodeo Bull/ Platform Jump / Inflatable obstacle course. A 1.2m height restriction is on the performance trampoline equipment - all in place to minimise injury. Some activities may not be manned at all times or available at all for safety or technical reasons - please ask a marshal and we will do our best to open it up ASAP.







We welcome any questions or feedback, this can be directed to our dedicated Health and Safety Manager on
The advice from the International Association of Trampoline Parks is to look for the IATP sticker on the door of any trampoline park that you are considering entering, they also recommend that you look for the following things
• A risk acknowledgement and disclaimer
• Safety briefings from staff
• 1:20 jumpers per court monitor
• All activities must be staffed
• Is the area where you get on and off the trampolines soft under foot?
• Are the staff engaged in the activity of looking out for safety concerns?
• Is the park clean and well maintained?
• Is the park well lit?
Equipment Tests
Our equipment is tested to and beyond the current ASTM standards - see an example of spring tests completed and also the New 2018 Testing certificate which all IATP approved parks should now be tested against to prove they to comply with all regulations.
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