First *Tuesday of every month @ 16:00-17:00 (£8.95)

*(Excluding School Holidays) 


It has been recognised that jumping on a trampoline helps individuals with autism to control their anxiety and to relieve the build-up of stress.  Individuals who exercise regularly tend to benefit from positive responses including improvements in physical coordination, positive changes in behaviour, higher impulse control and less behavioural problems.



For families with an individual with autism, regular trampoline usage is not just a great way to channel their child’s sensory stimulation requirements — it can also be a tool to help a child improve their motor skills through games played on the trampoline.

Recognising the importance of having an activity for individuals with autism and their whole family, Jump Jam are proud to launch ‘Jump Jam Discovery’ sessions.


The entire park is reserved for guests with autism and other special needs along with their families and carers.

Every guest can be accompanied by one family member or carer free of charge

As with all sessions all Jumpers under 6 MUST be accompanied at all times.

Our sound system is turned down low and our flash lighting is turned off.

The capacity of the arena is reduced to a limited amount of jumpers for this hour.

All staff that marshal these specific sessions have been trained in Autism Awareness.


We provide a quiet room upstairs off the court with free squash and biscuits in also so you can chill in the room if you prefer. Finally each paid jumper will get a free hotdog or Burger of their choice.

All jumpers and carers MUST wear safety socks (available at £2.00)

Please call Jump Jam Bridgend on 01656 253161 for further information. Our staff will be happy to discuss specific dates and requirements


All Staff have been approved and verified for Autism Awareness certification by ASDinfoWales

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