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5 Reasons to Visit a Trampoline Park with Your Family – Especially Jump Jam

Have you been to Jump Jam Trampoline Park yet? If not, you’re missing out on loads of fun with your entire family. Here at Jump Jam Trampoline Park, we have special group rates so you can enjoy a few hours of bouncing together. But spending an afternoon at our trampoline park isn’t just fun—here are a few other reasons you should get your bounce on:


Bouncing at our trampoline park is fun exercise, no matter what your age. Race across our main bounce room, see who can dunk the most baskets at our basketball court, or work up a sweat playing bounce dodgeball. This is a great way to keep your kids active, even if they aren’t interested in other kinds of exercising. And, of course, this is a great exercise option for adults as well! We could all use a little extra cardio activity in our lives!


If your family has a bit of a competitive spirit, plan a day at Jump Jam Trampoline Park! In addition to the activities already mentioned, you can take turns trying to outdo one another as you flip into our Big Airbags or battle beam foam pit. We also have a climbing wall, Buckin’ Bronco Rodeo Bull, Wipe Machine, Performance Trampoline all included in the price! Then, take a break from bouncing for a game in our arcade and amazing café that overlooks the park. You can also team up as a family to challenge other families at our facility! Consider a play date for the entire family with another family in your neighborhood.


Why not hold your child’s next birthday party at our trampoline park? We have special bundles that include group rates, as well as time at one of our party tables so you can have pizza or Hot dogs and treats with the entire family. A bouncy birthday or other special event is one your kids will never forget. We have several party packages available to meet your needs, based on the number of bouncers, the amount of food, and the time you want to spend bouncing.

Reconnect with Your Kids

We’re all busy, and it can be hard to spend time with your family, especially as your children get older and start participating in extracurricular activities. Booking time at Jump Jam Trampoline Park allows you to set aside time to spend together. Bouncing is fun for kids of all ages, from school-age children to teenagers. You can even invite extended family members to reconnect with people you haven’t seen recently. Our facilities are also an option for your next family reunion. Just ask about our special group rates at our trampoline park!

Train for Other Sports

Do your kids play other sports? Spending time at Jump Jam Trampoline Park can help them improve their skills. Not only can it help by strengthening muscles, but our activities (like playing bounce dodgeball, slam dunking at our bounce basketball court, and flipping into our big air bag or tumble track) can help with hand-eye coordination, endurance, reflexes, and more.

Are you ready to book time at our trampoline park? We are based just outside Cardiff just off the motorway near Bridgend. Book time in advance, especially for bounce time on the weekends, to avoid wait time when you want to bounce with your family.

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