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New Laser Tag Area - Now Open!

Step inside this family-friendly entertainment hub to test your laser tag skills across 2,000 square feet of TWO FLOORED, black-lit battlefield.

LASER-JAM’S futuristic funscape hosts a tonal tango of fuchsia, cerulean, and radioactive sherbet, interrupted every so often by energized beams. In games of laser tag, aim trumps age, beam-based bravery beats pure brute strength, and strategy almost always prevails over wandering around aimlessly while talking about football. Whether young, old, or medium, all players can prove supremacy behind a laser tag handset if they enter the game with a good attitude. Laser tag can be a pretty intense workout, so let LASER-JAM’S playlist of energetic tunes invigorate you as you dish out and dodge neon laser dashes.


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